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Our approach to sustaining brand engagement combines innovative publishing models, with rich storytelling and digital-first audience acquisition and retention.
The simple bit. An experimental online publication designed for busy minds

ahm health insurance’s brand positioning is ‘the simple bit’ – making the complicated world of insurance easier. Sitting outside of ahm’s digital platform, The simple bit is a publication that validates the brand platform while acting as a kind of content sandbox that uncovers insights, attracts new audiences and tests assumptions before being brought back into ahm’s digital ecosystem. For the reader, it’s a simple corner in the busy internet. A place to reframe complicated conversations in simple, internet-friendly terms. And if we can use a GIF, we’ll do that too

Services Content strategy, content creation, website design, UX, amplification, social media Launch Website
Tempo Journal A SSW venture that gives global running culture a home

Tempo Journal is the premier destination for the documentation and presentation of modern running culture. A culture that we found to be woefully underserved. A joint venture/start-up created and developed in partnership with Archetype Media, Tempo gathers together a valuable global audience passionate about running.

Services Brand strategy, content strategy, website design, content creation, ongoing publishing, social media, distribution View Project Launch Website
Mambo World Rebirthing an Australian surf icon via a quirky publication

When we were engaged to work on iconic Australian surf art label Mambo, the brand felt a little unloved. The product no longer told the brand story. So we created a publishing platform about Australian beach culture, art and creativity to change the narrative and introduce a new generation to Mambo. Mambo World tells the brand story and provides a valuable audience, feeding in real-time insights to inform brand decisions.

Services Brand strategy, content strategy, website design, content creation, ongoing publishing, social media, distribution View Project Launch Website
Crikey Breathing new life into a digital news pioneer

Online news publication Crikey has provided razor-sharp opinion and analysis on Australian politics, business and culture since 2000. In 2018, it was due for a refresh in design, experience and go-to-market strategy. Since our involvement in Crikey, subscribers have increased by 12% and substantial investment has been made in an inquiry journalism offering, launching in June 2019.

Services Editorial strategy, marketing strategy, website redesign, Launch Website
Urbnsurf A brand and audience attraction model to redefine the future of modern surfing

The world’s largest surf park is about to open in Melbourne. And despite the fact that the doors don’t open until spring, we have delivered a community engagement approach 6 months aheads that informs the CX design, financial modelling and marketing strategy. Focussing on a brand proposition of ‘Soulful Progression’ and leveraging a content-led acquisition model, we’re ensuring that as soon as there is a break, there will be a highly engaged and perfectly aligned audience in the queue.

Services Brand design, marketing strategy, website redesign, audience segmentation strategy, signage, content creation Launch Website
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