Travel Insurance Direct Travel Far. Smile Wide.
Because travel is fun, but insurance isn’t. Reimagining a digital pioneer to regain their place at the forefront of the industry.






The Travel Insurance Direct (TID) brand refresh was led by the need to re-engage with an audience flooded with online insurers with little or no distinction. The spirited, bold and relatable new TID brand was built on a platform of ‘smarter insurance for easier travel’. Through a dynamic system of digital-first assets the brand connects in both long and short form, from ‘TIDmojis’ to Ts&Cs imbued with the familiarity of a travel buddy, not a corporation.





The TID brand personality knows when to turn up the laughs or play it straight across every user touch-point, from social media to serious stuff. This allows TID to remain committed to making smarter, more efficient travel insurance products that leverage the best technology to create easy, effortless experiences.





The result is a brand that takes care of the ‘what if’s’ for every traveller, no matter who they are or where they are going.




Travel Insurance Direct


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