Heal Your Doctor is Here.
Heal.com radically changes the way people see doctors via a 
human-centered digital experience. By connecting patients with 
on-demand doctors in their area based on specific and often complex needs, Heal.com is bringing back the house call in a meaningful way.



We partnered with Heal to evolve the entire brand, from UX to livery, powering the acceleration of this rapidly growing startup as they start to gain serious momentum in the US market.





The Heal brandmark is an organic, cradling heart form that speaks to the emotional needs of the user. The palette is soft and compassionate, yet intentionally dynamic for both in-person and on-screen environments.





The core of the entire Heal.com digital experience is a personal connection to users’ local physician. What can otherwise be an impersonal, slow and stressful process of finding local on-demand care is made intuitive, easy and deeply personal to the user. In the complex landscape of healthcare in the US, Heal.com provides a shining example of accessible and affordable care for all.








Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Communication strategy, Illustration, Iconography, Experience Design, Interactive Design, UAT, Production Management and Launch.